Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad Day at da Barknmore House

OMD!! Wees needs fur fings to settle down awound here. Yous not gonna bewieve what happened today. Yous needs to know dat mommy don't carry any house keys cause deyes always somebody at home, so da door neber gets locked. (Dems da famous last words of da mommy.) Da lady dat wuz helpin mommy wif some work, wuz here today. Mommy had to goes out n left us here wif her. So anyways, da nice lady finished her work an left, but hers closed the door to mommy's office. Guess who was asleepin unner da desk in dere! Yous twuly! 
Anyways, mommy comes back home n da fwont door was locked, so she goes to da back door and da back door was locked. Mommy said 'who da @#$$ locked da doors?' Moira and Logan, they lookin at her fru da door. Why yous bangin on da door, n standin in da waindwops mommy??
Mommy gettien all upset, on accounts of nobody home, doors locked, no keys, n onwee 2 dogs at da door!! Where's #3 (dat wood be mees)? 

So finalwee, mommy texted to daddy, who does have da key, and wees was all happwiwee weunited, but not afore Moira runned out in the wain and got soakin wet in da 25 dwops dat fell today! 

Wees goin to beddie bye now.
Nitey Nites, n sweet collie dweams! Wees ruffs yous!

Yous twuly,

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  1. Oh scary to be locked out (or locked in) the house by yourself! Glad everything worked out just fine.
    Happy Saturday,