Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3

Whoa doggies, it's cold enuf to fweeze da horns offa da billy goats dis mornin! 2014 iz giving us a wakie up dats not bery nice! At lease wees don't have to deal wiff da snow like so many of yous. Butt, mommy sez she wishes it wood snow here!! She misses it n wemembers ours sissy, Dancer (18 years at da bwidge) playin in da snowdwifts wiff ours big furless brudders when dey wuz wittle boys. Mommy still gets dem leaky eyes bouts dis.

Anyway, da best fing fur us doggies to do on a day likie dis iz to tuck yous feet unner yous n snuggle yous nose down in yous fwuffy tail! If yous can't do dat, yous pwobably not a doggie anyways! BOL! Wees ruffs yous!!

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