Thursday, January 2, 2014


January 2

Here's mees first post on da blog!  I have pwomised to twy to use better spelling n grammar, but I tells yous, dats a tall order fur yous twuly!

Wees been talkien here abouts "resolutions".  Personally, I don't fink dis is a good idea at all!  Some suggestions have been staying off da furniture, no sleepin on da bed, and eeekkk - no beggin fur bites!  WUT??? 

I don't knows how yous feel, but wees collies is in no way open to dis kind of wadical change!  So, I told mommy that wees are in favor of some "suggestions" but wees not makien any pwomises involvin beds, furniture n yummy bites!

Hope yous have a wonnerful 2nd day of 2014!   


  1. You are such a cutie, I'm sure you will be forgiven if you can't keep those resolutions!

  2. I sure hopes so, Collie222. Dat bed is too good to give up! BOL!