Saturday, January 18, 2014

Close of Da Pawfect Day

Fur da weason dat Imma tell yous, wees sharin a picture of da free of us wif da mommy n brudder at ours collie picinic in Nobember. 

So, tonites, wees did not get da burgers dat is ours usual Satfurday dinner. But, wees did get quite da tweat at bedtime! Wees got da waffle fwies n da homemade 4 cheeze zitis. OMD, wees in da carbs heaben now! Wees ate it up so fast yous can't beweives it n mommy gottie no pictures of da feast, at all! (Mostwee weally on accounts of hers phone runned down.) Den, wees got to gofurawalk!! What a gweat yappy nite. Now, wees settlin in fur da long, cozy nap in da big bed.

Wees noticed in dis picture how much Moira's fur coat has gwone back since den.  Also, mees alwergee eye is so muchie better now dan it was den.

Sweet collie dweams n wees sees yous in da mornin! Wees pwayin fur all doggies dat needs new homes, n da sick ones too.
Wees ruffs yous!

Brodie, Logan & Moira (l to r in da pic)

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