Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning Perimeter Check

Good Monday! Well, mees perwimiter check dis mornin is givin evidence of mees old nemisis, Mr Possum. Dat stinker has been mosien awound dis yard fur sure!

Did yous know dat January is National Be On Purpose Month, and National Train Your Dog Month? Iz finkin hard bouts both of dese today. 

Doos Mr Possum tempt yous twuly On Purpose, to eats him, On Purpose?!

What would yous be, if yous was not bein On Purpose? I don't knows, but all dis finkin makies mees wittle brain tired. So, gonna take da wittle nap now, On Purpose. 

Wees have to talk about Twainin Yous Doggie Month later, alwegators.


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