Monday, January 13, 2014

Blogging On

After almost a year of posting on our Facebook fan page, Brodie, Moira, Logan and I are feeling a bit frustrated with this blogging business.  The blog and the act of being a blogger (which we certainly haven't mastered yet) seem daunting to us.  Our whimsical posts on FB seem inadequate for this venue and we're quite intimidated by the wonderful prose we've read on here.  I know I don't need to tell you that none of the 4 of us are writers!

A few genuine bloggers (as opposed to whatever we are at this point) have been very helpful, and we appreciate that.  We will continue to fall forward with the intentions of nothing more than being entertaining.

In the meantime, I thought perhaps we should post some of the adventures of the past year, so as to give readers a better feel for the life of the collies. While they don't romp in the open fields, manes flowing in the wind, they do have a comfortable, if not idyllic lifestyle for 3 rescued dogs.  They really are family members with fur.

Brodie posts most frequently on the FB page, as he has the largest vocabulary, however odd it may sound when you first encounter it.  He's showing some improvement in his grammar, but a few words will likely aways be beyond his grasp.  R's and L's are 2 of his more challenging sounds to master, and the ing ending is not to his likin.  A fan once asked why Brodie talks the way he does, and commented that it was very difficult to read. Brodie responded by telling her that this is just the way he talks, and explaining that most dogs talk the same way.  I expected to see her exit the page, but thankfully, she's still with us!

But, I've strayed from the original thought I have when this post started, though at this point, I can't tell you what point I was trying to make.  I guess just to say, bear with us and forgive our newbie mistakes.

Kudos to my dear friend and photographer, Beth Weigel who has the patience of Job.  We leave you with a picture that sums us up!  When everybody dissolves into silly, the photo shoot may be over, but the party has just begun.  

(l to r) Logan, Daddy, Brodie, Drew, Mommy & Moira


  1. I don't think there is any secret recipe to make a blog work apart from the amount of time you put into it. For us it just a way to share our adventures or discuss the odd thing that catches our attention. Some make a business out of their blogs (which does require a lot of work) but most of us are just happy getting to know fellow furbabies

  2. PS - you might want to ditch the word verification - most bloggers HATE it and won't leave a message because of it - you can see how to turn it off here

    1. I don't have a clue what you're talking about. But I'll look for it. Thanks.

    2. OK! Thanks for the tip, I followed your excellent directions and solved that issue. I agree 100%, I hate those things!