Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Busy Day

Wees spent most of dis day doing exacwee what wees was doin in da firse postie of da day. Sweepien! Wees did help put da pine twee in da cwoset (fankie dogness!) an wees supervised da movin of da big piano back to its pwoper pwace in fwont of da garden window. Mommy likies dem twinkly lites on da firepwace, so wees let her keepie doze up fur awhile. Udder dan dat, deres been lots of Zzzzzz heres today. Gonna help wiff dinner, watchie some TV n turn unner dem covers early tonite! Hopies you had da happy day too! Sweet collie dweams n pwayers fur da sick n da homeless doggies. Wees ruff yous! L, B (dats me) n M
PS: If yous wants to see all ours posties, come on over to FB and see us - Logan,Brodie & Moira - Rescue Tails

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