Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gwavy Twain

Wees headed fur da bed n not a seconds too soon. OMD. Da cwazies has landed wite in da middle of dis house! Mommy has cooked da woast beef, n da taters n da carrots n wees always gets to share, but tonite wees got da JUICE. Dats da end of da stowee! Wees got nuttin but gwavy on da kibbles! I don't knows how much more wees can take of dis abuse. Gwavy! No beef, no taters, no carrots, just gwavy. I happens to see da leftobers go in dat fwidge - I was watchien! Doos dis seem like a good way to start da new years?? I has on mees huffy face tonights. Sees you on da morrow fur a update on dis disturbin situashun. Moira n Logan was not happy too.

Nitey nites. Pwease pway fur da homeless n da sick doggies. Wees feels so bad fur dems. Wees ruffs you! L., B.(dats mees) n M.


  1. Welcome to Blogville :) Where looking forward to following your adventures :) Milo & Jet

    1. Hello, Milo and Jet! Wees will follow yous too!
      Collie Tails

  2. well hello there big furry cousins,,,,,glad to sniff you :)