Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maybe the Snowplow Makes a Better Story

I just read a terribly disturbing post by a friend about a dog many of us are familiar with through Facebook.  Actually, this post was better than the previous post about the same dog, a little Yorkie, I believe she is. The first story was that this little doggie was missing in the polar vortex and her momma was terrified about the many possibilities of her poor baby's demise.  So everyone including yours truly went to bed just sick with worry about this precious little one lost in the dark, frigid night, in the storm of storms.  Fast forward to the next afternoon, when the creative momma announced that her ill-fated fur child had been hit by a snowplow and died instantly, have been separated from her entire face!  Horrors!  But, as liars tend to do, the fabricating owner just kept it going, and growing, and going.  Until, that is, someone spotted the sweet girl's picture on the Canadian version of Craigslist!  Complete with a detailed description of the still-intact precious face, and - get this - a price reduction to $800!

When we read about the cruel things people do to animals, my react phrase is always the same:  "They're taking reservations in Hell, and it's filling up fast." But this is different.  Why not just tell the truth?  Was the elaborate hoax really worth the time and effort it took to come up with it?  Why did so many people have to agonize over the disappearance and then suffer the mental image of the mostly snowplow decapitated poochie. How dreadful, or how desperate, or just duplicitous and plain sick, take your pick, must this individual be, to put so many through so much anguish, for $800?  The point being, what?  Meanwhile, the erstwhile humans controlling this poor soul's life continue to breed their remaining baby "for a living".  The makings of apartment sized puppy mill? 

They're taking reservations, and it's filling up fast!

Collie Mom with Miss Moira


  1. That is just so sad, hope that dog finds a loving family!

  2. So do we! Several on FB are attempting help that happen.